Sunday, March 20, 2011

.. Just The Way You Are ..

I’ve seen the hurt in your eyes and my heart melted !! I wish I could stop you from crying .. Hold you and wipe your tears away .. I wish I can take your pain away so far away even if it means having it instead I don't care !! I only care about you .. And I can't see you hurt that way and act like nothing happened .. I need you to be okay I know it's hard but I need that .. You are my strength and the reason I breathe everyday ..

Be You and everything will turn to be wonderful .. Be you and all the pain will disappear .. Be you and difficulties will sound something easy to overcome. I don't want to see you weak anymore, you've always been strong and I want you to keep it that way ..

I want you to try again and never lose faith .. I want you to believe in yourself and move on. Bad things always happen and you must get used to that .. People you know will soon become people you knew .. Everybody changes, some turn to be better and some choose to be worse .. I don’t know how or even why .. All I know right now is that I want you to stay the same .. Just the same ..

Wipe your tears away and smile !! Use that smile to change the world ... BUT don't you EVER let the world change that smile .. If you want to change because you want to be a better person .. Then you should stay the same & believe me when I say you are perfect .. You are perfect just the way you are ...

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