Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I like drinking tea alone

I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone.
I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.
It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.
I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.
But when I see a mother with her child;
A girl with her lover;
Or a friend laughing with their best friend;
I realize that even though I like being alone
I don’t fancy being lonely.

-- One of the most reblogged posts on tumblr

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I don’t do goodbyes

I don’t do goodbyes. When I see someone and we part ways, I’m tempted to call them later and continue like there was no pause. If I’m sending someone messages, “goodbye” means the letter has ended and it’s time for the post-script. When I say “goodnight”, it means “I know I’m supposed to not talk to you now, but I’m going to think about you for hours after this.” It’s tentative. Part of me will always hope that you can’t sleep, and maybe that’s because I know I could never sleep thinking this much about you. Maybe I want that unrest, that unshakeable sense of incompletion to tug at you as much as it does me. I don’t do goodbyes because I don’t know when I’ll see you again, when your last parting words will stop running through my head, when I’ll be done with you. I don’t do goodbyes because I can never find it in me to be done with you.”

— Cindersontheskyline

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do not fall in love With people like me.

I came across this poem around a year back, and am in love with each word of it. 
Its dark but I love it!

Do not fall in love
With people like me.
people like me
will love you so hard
that you turn into stone
into a statue where people
 come to marvel at how long
it must have taken to carve
that faraway look into your eyes

Do not fall in love with people like me
we will take you to
museums and parks
and monuments
 and kiss you in every beautiful
 place so that you can
never go back to them
without tasting us
like blood in your mouth

Do not come any closer.
people like me
are bombs
when our time is up
 we will splatter loss
 all over your walls
in angry colors
that make you wish
your doorway never
learned our name

do not fall in love
with people like me.
with the lonely ones
we will forget our own names
if it means learning yours
we will make you think
 hurricanes are gentle
 that pain is a gift
you will get lost
in the desperation
in the longing for something
that is always reaching
but never able to hold

do not fall in love
with people like me.
we will destroy your
 we will throw apologies at you
 that shatter on the floor
and cut your feet

we will never learn
how to be soft

we will leave.
we always do.

-Caitlyn Siehl 
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प्यार का पहला खत लिखने में वक़्त तो लगता है

प्यार का पहला खत लिखने में वक़्त तो लगता है
नये परिंदो को उड़ने में वक़्त तो लगता है

जिस्म की बात नही थी उनके दिल तक जाना था
लंबी दूरी तय करने में वक़्त तो लगता है

गाँठ अगर लग जाये तो फिर रिश्ते हो या डोरी
लाख करे कोशिश खुलने में वक़्त तो लगता है

हमने इलाज-ए-जख्म-ए-दिल तो ढूँढ लिया लेकिन
गहरे ज़ख़्मो को भरने में वक़्त तो लगता है

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I wonder ...

I wonder what it’s like being 28 and waking up knowing you’re going to ask her to marry you tonight.

I wonder what it’s like being 30 and waking up to her gone for the week on a work trip and having the entire bed to yourself for the first time in ages so you starfish the fuck out of it, but somehow drift over to their side because you already miss them.
I wonder what it’s like being 42 and waking up for work content that the same pair of tired eyes as yesterday, and the day before that, and for the past 13 years, still look at you like you have the ability to reverse time and stop the sun from rising any higher, then you could both stay in bed. You blink, smile, and kiss her forehead softly as a reply, silently acknowledging your shared distaste for mornings, but not apologizing for wanting to wake up to those eyes again tomorrow.
I wonder what it’s like being 49 and waking up beside someone who still makes you nervous when they look at you that close up in the morning, especially now that you’re nearing 50 and fully aware of the wrinkles you have and the ones on the way.
I wonder what it’s like being 61 and waking up at 2pm because you were too sore and sickly to get out of bed that morning, but when you hear her key in the door after coming back from the store with some medicine, your favourite soup and a kiss, it still makes your heart beat fast enough to propel you off the bed and into her healing arms.
I wonder what it’s like being 87 and waking up next to an undisturbed pillow and an unwrinkled half of a quilt because she died 2 years ago, peacefully in her sleep. It was just her time to go.
I wonder what it’s like to live life in that much love. And when you do, I wonder what it’s like to lose it to something as trivial as your body passing through time. It’s heartbreaking that the body can’t last as long as the love between two people. But it’s also kind of beautiful that love transcends physical nature. All we can do is experience it while it’s here and while it lasts.

- A lasting love. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

मुझको इतने से काम पे रख लो...

मुझको इतने से काम पे रख लो...
जब भी सीने पे झूलता लॉकेट 
उल्टा हो जाए तो मैं हाथों से
सीधा करता रहूँ उसको
मुझको इतने से काम पे रख लो...
जब भी आवेज़ा उलझे बालों में
मुस्कुराके बस इतना सा कह दो 
आह चुभता है ये अलग कर दो
मुझको इतने से काम पे रख लो....
जब ग़रारे में पाँव फँस जाए
या दुपट्टा किवाड़ में अटके
एक नज़र देख लो तो काफ़ी है
मुझको इतने से काम पे रख लो...

- Gulzar