Monday, December 20, 2010

i miss my pari ...

when u r not around, I just cry... I have wondered why? 
Then i realized, my tears just come out searching for u...

u r in my eyes... i knw 
tht u r scared of darkness , 
thts y i keep my eyes open

if time is an ocean, then i wud spend every drop for u
 if time is a drop, then i wud spend every ocean for u

when am angry u knw just wat to do.. 
u just smile n my anger loses the battle against it

i want to spend a whole day with u.. i wish my life is just 1 day long
if we can talk only during nights, i wont bother my life being dark

this is you my angel without wings
or an angel is you with wings... i think d 2nd 1 is better :)

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